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High Overhead Costs. Are you paying high overhead costs to maintain an internet marketing arm i.e. salaries, OTs, perks?

Hiring Out A Professional Service. Learning to sell online is going to take time. If you have time and can afford to lose hundreds- even thousands of dollars in sales as you learn from costly mistakes, that is fine. If not, you should probably consider our services.

You Are Not Earning. Your website is a complete unknown and your campaigns do not contribute to the bottomline - your profit.


We have very competitive rates. It's no surprise that our operations is based in the Philippines. The skill of our IT industry is world-class and our labor rates are very competitive, only a very small fraction of USA & Canada rates. The Philippines provides the outsourcing needs of North America and Europe.

Aide4Hire markets to English-speaking countries. English is one of the official languages in the Philippines vs. other outsourcing countries like India and China.

We also welcome clients from our Asian neighbors, if their target market is the US, Canada, UK, and Australia-NZ, and other English-speaking countries.

Our Knowledge Base. We are backed up by a veritable gold mine of updated researches, on latest strategies and tactics, provided by The Center for Internet Marketing Research and Education (CIMRE) and other facts and articles we gather from the Net. More

A Network of Websites. We walk the talk. We continuously test our researches and what the internet marketing gurus say, with the use of 800-page network of 17 websites. More

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Japan's e-Business Services Good for RP

The improved demand in e-business applications from Japan's banking, finance and manufacturing sectors is seen to greatly benefit the Philippines.

"The Philippines should capitalize on this market and leverage our advantage in software applications to strengthen the Philippines to become truly the eservices hub of Asia," said Trade and Industry Secretary Juan B. Santos.

Santos noted that based on a study on the IT market by Japan's Nomura Research Institute, the ebusiness applications in Japan amounted to Y2.7 trillion in 2002 and is projected to cross Y402 trillion in 2008.

E-business application software refers to those that leverage on the Internet platform and includes business intelligence, CRM, collaborative commerce, ecommerce, ERP (enterprise resource planning) and the like.

"There are about 30 Filipino companies actively servicing the Japanese market in the Philippines. Our track record and high customer satisfaction index attracted more Japanese companies to outsource in the Philippines," Santos added.

Japan is the world's third largest market for software development next to Europe and North America.

English is one of the two official languages in the Philippines vs. other outsourcing countries like India and China. The skill of its IT industry is world-class and the labor rates are very competitive, at least 25%-30% of USA and Canada rates.

That's why the Philippines provides the outsourcing needs of North America and Europe.

Aide4Hire is a Canada-based business process outsourcing firm, with an international presence in the Philippines.

Aside web promotions, Aide4Hire's other major services are medical transcription and bookkeeping.

Aide4Hire International Internet Marketing

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You will receive our Company Infopack in the form of ebook. It also includes a lesson about the strategy and tactics of international internet marketing we have developed. I'm very sure this will help a lot in your desire to have an internet presence.


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