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by Ave Ramel, Free Edition

Let's proceed now with your lesson on How To Make Money On The Internet for Beginners and Employees.

1. Create Your First Website That Sells

Click this now to download your First Website Builder

This groundbreaking four-volume library shows you how to build it, write it, present it, automate it, promote it, back it up, and upload it onto the Web.

You can not fight your internet war without a website. It is the final destination on the Web.

One last word on your website creation: it is not about a beautiful website. In fact, keep it so simple and an "emotional experience" for your visitors.

Most of all, your website must sell.

The real internet marketing! It's really all about how your target customers can find you (net promotion) and how many are buying your products and services (sales conversion).

After you have overcome the first stumbling block of all starting online entrepreneurs (creating your first website that sells), it will be smooth sailing from then on.

Last year 2004 is the Year of the Blogger. Blogging became so popular that it became an alternative, if you don't know HTML coding.

Click to my weblog and observe my ads at the right side.

2. Instant start-up

It is a good business decision to purchase an existing website. It already has regular visitors.

Simply look for expiring domain names (discussed in Topic # 4) at any domain name resellers or internet service provider's website.

Your investment varies according to your bid.

Another cheap alternative is to visit and look for websites that address your target market. Contact respective owners and purchase them.

Your investment varies from US$10-45 per page.

In effect, you will be paying for webpage creation, content and a premium on the website's popularity, ranking and the number of its existing visitors.

Don't forget that is owned by Yahoo and the biggest and well-known online community on the Web.

After purchasing, simply pay $5/month to Geocities to remove the ads on the right side of the page.

Then, proceed to submit your website to search engines and directories.

3. What you really need in conducting your online business

A credit or debit card. Online transactions are made through them.

You will have to get products and services enumerated in this lesson to start your online business.

Don't be sad. Some companies let you pay in your own currency or bank wire.

To overcome this problem, simply ask your friends who have credit cards and pay them in your local currency. Or get a business partner who has a credit card.

4. Find cheap ISP

ISP or internet service provider refers to service firms that provide you access to the Internet.

You will be spending a lot of time connected to the Net, especially, in the establishment phase of your business.

For a starting online entrepreneur, it will be the second biggest investment. Therefore, it must be a cheap internet access.

Cheap does not mean low quality nowadays when you talk of technology. It only means that technology made products and services more affordable.

Choose a dial-up unlimited net access first (US$11-12) instead of Direct Satellite Link (DSL) connection at US$28-30. When you start to earn, you can evaluate DSL.

For US and Canada,
click here for dial-up

If you can't help it, then, go ahead and purchase a DSL service.

For US and Canada,
click here for DSL

5. Domain Name and Web Hosting

A domain name is simply your unique address on the Internet, i.e.

When you purchase one, anybody who types your address in a browser will surely be directed to it. Nobody owns it except you.

A webhost is a service that makes available your webpages to anybody who wants to access them on the Internet, through a server.

I was always asked by my students if they can publish their websites on free webhosts using their free domain name provided, i.e., etc.

I also started using but later purchased my own domain name. to

Probably, you have downloaded this lesson from one of my old Geocities websites.

If you're really serious and want to gain credibility from your customers, get your own domain name and webhost at the very start.

The top 3 major domain names end with .com, .net, and .org

You can get them for as low as US$6-8/year while webhosting can be as low as US$5-6/month. Get both services at the same time to get discount.

Special domain names sell at US$30-35/year, i.e.

For US, Canada and worldwide,
click here for your domain name

6. How to choose a domain name

People love their own names or the names of their companies that they immediately purchase a domain name bearing those names.

It is a big mistake.

Your domain name must be more or less generic, reflecting the keywords your target customers will look for and easily recognize, i.e., etc.

This must also start with the letter "A" or much nearer vs. getting a domain name down the alphabet like letter "X, Y or Z."

You will really appreciate this tip later when you start submitting your website to search engines, especially, directories.

A lot of search engine optimization techniques like this have been published in our Knowledge Base

Meantime, simply follow.

Get your own e-mail address bearing your domain name, i.e. and use it to communicate with your customers. This will really increase your credibility.

Your investment in e-mail boxes is sometimes bundled when you get a domain name and webhosting. Otherwise, be prepared to spend at least US$20/year.

7. Interactive functions for your website

You will need online forms, tell-a-friend, chat, bulletin board and 22 more interactive functions for your website.

Get them FREE,
click here for interactive functions

These website functions are free but you can upgrade later to remove the ads.

8. Other Business Communications

It will be a big mistake to assume that your customers will only communicate through e-mails or online forms you have installed in your website.

They also would like to communicate through the phone, toll free number, voice-over-IP, cellular, and fax.

Click here for cheap communications

After getting those other means of communications, post all your numbers in your website.

9. Your first source of income

This is one of the secrets I have found out, earning from what you know. Web publishing is simply posting any knowledge you might have on the Web.

How do you earn? Your immediate source of income is Google Adsense.

Google, the world's largest search engine, shall be paying you for any of your visitors who will click on its ads. Yes, visitors simply click and you will get paid for those clicks.

After reading your website content, your visitors can click the ads.

Click here for Google Adsense

10. How To Set Up Without Net Marketing Knowledge

This was my biggest problem when I was just starting out on the Net years ago.

If you're not yet organized and don't have a product yet, it's a wise decision to take up online programs while you are still learning the ropes.

This arrangement is more popularly know on the Net as Affiliate Program.

It is an online business, like a referral system, in which the Mechant pay us (Affiliates) commissions for referring business to the Merchant's website.

Affiliate Administrators will give you your own website and they will do all the back-office functions - ordering, billing, payment acceptance, etc. and send you the check.

All you have to do is drive people to visit the Merchant's website.

Don't forget to download the 10-day FREE Affiliate Masters Course

11. What product or service to sell for beginners

It is a wise business decision to sell first other people's products and get commissions.

Foremost, it is already popular than starting out with your never-heard of product or service.

Second, you are still learning and discovering the ways of internet marketing.

Third, it is really lucrative and you can get "employees" under you to market your product or service without paying any salary.

Getting people to work for you is the main principle of affiliate programs.

The Merchant's support can include a free web page and webhosting, buttons and banners, ads, affiliate monitoring and stats, etc.

Another main principle I espouse is that you should be on the lookout for new programs that are not yet saturated with affiliates.

Imagine if an affiliate program has 1 million affiliates already. You will also have 1 million competitors.

Besides, the market is already saturated and you will have a hard time finding customers because they are already affiliates.

One last word on affiliate programs: do not attempt to sell "complex" affiliate programs until you're ready.

Give yourself 1-2 months to learn and discover things.

The Center for Internet Marketing Research and Education recommends proven programs. Click here for affiliate programs

12. Technique in choosing affiliate programs

Choose affiliate programs that complement your content or the theme of your website. They must be related.

If your content is about your travel experience in the Caribbean, choose travel affiliate programs.

To see a sample website that sells travel affiliate programs, proceed to Search Travel Resorts

To further refine the first idea, choose not what you like but what your target customers like.

If your content is for 25-28 years old, I have found out that affiliate programs on jobs and career are the most clicked. This market segment is continuously looking for a better job or career.

To see a sample website that sells affiliate programs on jobs and career, click here now

Executives love to search for self-improvement books. Proceed to
Rich Dad Poor Dad

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are always looking for the best rate communications products for their online businesses.
click here now

Note: when you click on the banners on the above links, you will be directed to the affiliate program page. Look for the button to join these affiliate programs.

Lastly, immediately discard affiliate programs that don't earn you income in 1-3 months. Do not develop a certain love for a program.

You are on the Net to earn big income. Besides, you have business overheads to pay.

13. Where to look for more Affiliate Programs

1. Proceed to our tested and recommended list of affiliate programs.
   Click here for affiliate programs

2. Find Clickbank digital information products to sell.
   Click here for digital products

3. Find webmaster tools affiliate programs.
   Click here for webmaster tools

4. You can also evaluate different affiliate programs in these 2

14. Geographic Limitation

Do not attempt to sell brands that your target customers do not recognize.

In more simpler words, don't sell Philippine, Singaporean, or Thai products to Americans and vice-versa.

Some products have real geographic limitations and incur shipping costs.

But my advice has something to do with branding. People have a certain loyalty to their own brands.

If you prefer it, choose a more internationally-known brands or merchants that operate globally.

Note: I'm talking about affiliate programs here and not traditional products.

15. Join The Newbies Club

Sorry, it's my fault. Perhaps I didn't properly explain the Massive Benefits you'll enjoy as a Newbie Club Member. That's why it's in the Top 10,000 most popular sites on the Web (There are 38 Million of them so far) Look ...

• It's Totally FREE

• You Get A FREE Copy of their exclusive 29 Tutorials For Newbies eBook

• You get FREE access to The Newbie Club Academy containing one of the biggest and newbie-friendliest range of tutorials and Videos on the Web

• You get a FREE Weekly edition of the famous Newbie Club Insider Newsletter - packed to the brim with Newbie-Speak Tips, Tutorials, and Humorous Articles

• You get FREE access to The Newbie Club Forum, where you can ask for help with your Internet and PC problems

• You can download a wide range of FREE ebooks from The Newbie Club Library

Proceed now to Newbie Club

CONGRATULATIONS. You have finished this short course.

Read this lesson again and again until it registers in your mind. Take action on our well-researched and tested recommendations.

After taking action, return to Knowledge Base


Here is a piece of my mind about marketing on the Net, derived from my more than 5 years of trial-and-error. This will prevent you from repeating the mistakes yourself.

1. There is no big secret on the Internet. It is just composed of small secrets and tactics. Do not reinvent the wheel if you're a newbie. Focus on specific areas of operations or a market niche, if you want to innovate.

2. Be an authority on what you are doing. You do not sell to people. They hate being sold to. YOU RECOMMEND. They will readily believe your recommendation if you are an authority on what you are doing. Much better is to get thousands of people to recommend your business through the affiliate programs we have enumerated in this lesson.

3. Internet marketing is about credibility. Your visitor does not even know you and there are a lot of scams on the Net. Why will they give you their credit card number? So put all your contact numbers on your webpage. If possible, post your picture with a short biodata or story about yourself and references. In this way, you can **put a face** to them. Testimonial on your product is great. In this way, your prospects can verify.

4. Internet marketing is about honesty in conducting your business and fairness to clients and people within your business organization. However, being fair is perceived differently by the receiver. Just do the best you can or follow the Golden Rule- Do not do unto others what you do not want others do unto you.

5. In traditional marketing done offline, we target and qualify our prospects because it is very expensive to sell to everybody. In net marketing, this is only true for products and services that are local in scope and have geographical limitations. Targeting and qualifying is also done while doing your website. However, in promotion stage, use the **shotgun approach** by bringing your business to a lot of people. You will be increasing your chances. **In effect, your website or your salesletter should be the one to qualify** It just does not make sense to still target
and qualify in the promotion stage because e-mailing is very cheap. Perhaps, you have not heard yet of **viral** marketing and bulk mailing. Besides, there are a lot of free classified ads and Bulletin Boards on the Net, and you have a tireless employee: your autoresponder.

6. Majority of sales are made in 2-3 follow-ups. So, the **reason for being** for any website is to capture e-mail addresses or leads. Then, establish rapport. Offer something of value for them to leave their e-mail addresses. Then, follow up.

7. Reply to any inquiry within the day. People want information NOW. That is why they are on the Net. Make it very easy for your client to register and get your products and services.

I really believe that these seven great tips will help your business succeed on the Net.


"Hey, you can earn enough from this program in the next 10 days to tell your boss off, fly your family to a grand vacation for a week, and donate a new steeple to your church. It is so easy that even your dog can do this."

Don't believe that rubbish! Your friends or prospects are not stupid. Let's not treat them that way.

The biggest MYTH is that we could get rich in business overnight. That is what any marketing promotion will tell you in the business proposal.

But I say NO, NO, and NO. It is all hype. Overnight success rarely, if ever, happens.

Ray Kroc was 50 when he took over McDonald's - and suddenly, people hailed him as an overnight success.

**I was an overnight success all right, Kroc says, but 30 years is a long, long night**

You should plan on a steady long term business, staying in contact with your customers, keeping them happy and watching your business grow over time.

You will be doing the businesses we have researched. Bear this advice in mind.

CONGRATULATIONS. You have finished this short course.

Read this lesson again and again until it registers in your mind. Take action on our well-researched and tested recommendations.

By Aide4Hire Internet Marketing Outsourcing

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