Discover the nuggets of wisdom contained in this ebook Online Web Site Promotion Strategy from seven years of experience

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We have 7 years of experience since 1999

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Strategy is the domain of the CEOs and Business Owners

Hi, this is Ave Ramel, your Coach for this module on
"How To Promote Your Web Site: Strategy and Tactics."

The nuggets of wisdom contained in this ebook are proven by your Coach's seven years of experience in running internet marketing promotions since 1999.

Effective marketing is absolutely crucial to the survival of any business. No prospect that you can reach, no sales, no profit.

In today's marketplace, even the best products will fail without effective marketing.

I have seen many clients who are in serious financial trouble because they assumed that their products would sell themselves.

If the prices are equal, an inferior product with strong promotion and distribution will almost always prevail over a superior product with weak promotion and distribution.

Your Coach highly recommends generating customers from the Internet/Web, or what we call internet marketing.


This is one major decision that a lot of business owners have overlooked or just hesitant to pursue for lack of knowledge.

E-Commerce is already worth US$12 billion worldwide this year.

But alas, it's a big letdown for newbie business owners. Their expectations of fabulous profits remain just a dream.

But still, the money is there. It's US$12 billion and increasing yearly.

However, the money go to the professionals who know the secrets, tips, and tricks of internet marketing or to people who employed them.

This ebook will discuss the following:

  • Where newbies wrongly focused - their 2 consecutive mistakes

  • Discover where professionals concentrate on to reap profits

  • Aide4Hire's top 8 recommendations for business owners

  • Find out how Aide4Hire executes its internet/web site promotions

Download only if you're a CEO or Business Owner

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